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Renamed Alusso Cucine Line to Alusso

Rename Affinity Line to Signature

Renamed Woodtrend Series to Signature

Discontinued Door Boardwalk, Camden, Dacota, Faerfield, Lexington, Madison, Rockport

Added New Line and Series Designer with Door Styles (Hampton, Quincy, Vail, Aspen, Fresno, Manhattan)

Removed Door Style from Alusso Series (Inspiration Collection) Amacfi, Amacfi-H, Aspen Oak, Aspen Oak-H, Capri, Capri-H, Carbone, Carbone-H, City Oak, City Oak-H, Pine, Pine-H, Blanco, Blanco-H, Rovere, Rovere-H, Spiagga, Spiagga-H, Termiti, Termiti-H, Tropea, Tropea-H (Essence Collection) Aalst, Aalst-H, Athens, Athens-H, Bianco, Bianco-H, Castagno, Castagno-H, Grigio, Grigio-H, Jerez, Jerez-H, Metz, Metz-H, Pireus, Pireus-H, Rock, Rock-H, Scuro, Scuro-H (Nature Collection) Ares, Ares-H, Esperia, Esperia-H, Matrix, Matrix-H, Vintage, Vintage-H, Nadir Scarf, Nadir Scarf-H, Penelope Guerrilla, Penelope Guerrilla-H, Sable, Sable-H, Sherwood, Sherwood-H (Prime Collection) Alantejo Elm, Alantejo Elm-H, Brown Cement, Brown Cement-H, Fossil Oak, Fossil Oak-H, Natural Cement, Natural Cement-H, Oyster, Oyster-H, Tortora, Tortora-H, White Birch, White Birch-H, White Concrete, White Concrete-H (Artisan Shaker Door Style) Shaker

Deleted Finishes Alantejo Elm, Amacfi, Ares, Aspen Oak, Athens, Bianco, Brown Cement, Capri, Carbone, Castagno,City Oak, Coastal, Dakota, Dolcevita_Ardesia, Dolcevita_Deciso, Dolcevita_Fumo, Dolcevita_Naturale, Eperia_Dublin, Eperia_Madrid, Esperia_Doha, Espresso, Fairfield, Fossil Oak, Grigio, Jerez, Matrix_Vintage, Metz, Nadir Scarf, Natural Cement, Oyster, Penelope Guerrilla, Pine Blanco, Pireus, Rock, Rovere, Sable Oakfield, Sable_DeAngelis, Sable_Fitipald, Sable_Great, Sable_Narrow, Sable_Tarquini, Scuro, Sherwood_Dartmoor, Sherwood_Richmond_Park, Spiagga, Sunny_White, Termiti, Tortora, Tropea, White Birch, White Concrete

Added New Finishes Paint: Accessible Beige, Alabaster, Antique White, Bracing Blue, Cyberspace, Gale Force, High Reflective White, Iron Ore, Light French Gray, Mindful Gray, Naval, Perfect Greige, Pure White, Quitude, Repose Gray, Roycroft Bottle Green, Sea Salt, Tricorn Black, Urban Bronze, Web Gray. Stain: Blue Breeze, Graystone, Kaffe, Starlight (10% upcharge) Collection: Aspen, Barn, Block, Brentwood, Cashemere, Chelsea, Cherokee, Dover, Ebony, Galloway, Glacial, Hampton, Haven, Hielo, Hudson, Huntley, Larix, Oceanum, Pasadena, Pietra, Rivet, Sequoia, Stardust, Trail, Tribeca, Vail, Vinci, Wyck, Yorkville, Zeeland

Added New Door Style to Alusso Expression: Chelsea, Cherokee, Dover, Hielo, Hudson, Pasadena, Pietra, Sequoia, Tribeca, Vinci, Yorkville, Zeeland

Reflexion Collection: Barn, Black, Block, Brentwood, Cashemere, Ebony, Galloway, Glacial, GreyOak, Haven, Huntley, Larix, Oceanum, Rivet, Stardust, Trail, Wyck

Renamed Price Categories: Aspen C to Aspen Signature, Gables C to Gables Signature, Hampton C to Hampton Signature, Newport C to Newport Signature, Vail C to Vail Signature, Venice C to Venice Signature

Removed Price Categories: Boardwalk B, Lexington B, Camden B, Rockport B, Madison B, Dakota C, Fairfield C, Avanti_SH, Bellagio_SH

Added New Prices Category Designer, Assembly

Added New Options: Glossing, Assembly

Added New Logo

Updated Prices

Added New PDF

Added New Order Form for Signature and Designer, Alusso Line

Added New Modifications: RW, RH, RD, IW, IH, ID, RHP, GDP, FIC, FB, STK, WFE, BFE, TF

Added Door Finish Interior Graphic

Changed Picture Sizes in Options

Updated Graphics for All Finishes According to New Projects Textures Seamless

Category Pull Outs Renamed Dove Tail Rollout Category Glass Doors renamed Doors Prepared for Glass (The graphics, Images have Changed) Category Glass Door Angle Wall Cabinet Renamed Doors Prepared for Glass Angle Wall Cabinet (The graphics, Images have Changed)

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