1951 Cabinetry

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.11 • April 15, 2024


Rearranged the decretive glass modification option under the Specialty door options and add another header called Frame options under that

Corrected the visual of Spice Drawer Cabinets (base and wall) (EX SDC18). This was done both base and wall and base spice

The Spice Drawer cabinets and Storage Cube cabinets tops and bottoms are now finished to match the selected finish

Minimized the RD options

1951 Base has the 6-way adjustable (as seen on Page 21 and 28 for hinge and construction options in 1951 Base spec guide for information on the hinge)

SD door cabinets do not have the ability to choose glass

Added BS2496 to 1951 Base

Removed Kits for the VWBB1834H

Removed Kits for DWBB1821

Update the 1951 Cabinetry Brand door style images from the old MSS photos to the new MTS and linen (for Deform) images

Added new products SKU: CWD2448_

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