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ProKitchen Online is built on Java technology. It is the best app to design your kitchen and bathroom with style and ease. Our software allows users to design and enhance their workflow efficiently. ProKitchen also has Cloud technology, which allows users to access and work on their designs anywhere. Access designs from anywhere at any time. No downloads or installations required!

As a manufacturer, you need powerful software to help you design faster, text stunning 3D views, stay organized and create detailed reports easily – plus so much more. We offer the most comprehensive design tools in the industry! 

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We have a number of different products and add-ons you can subscribe to. Select ones that are best suited for your needs and go ahead and follow the steps to purchase your annual subscription. First-time users, take advantage of our free 2-week trial! 



We understand new programs can be challenging! For your convenience, we offer live one-on-one online training so you can become a ProKitchen expert quickly. We also have a number of free video tutorials you can watch for bonus tips and tricks. 



Now that you’re all set up, you can start the fun part — designing and bringing your vision to life! If you have any difficulty or questions, you can reach out to our customer service team for a quick response. 


We have a number of helpful features in ProKitchen Online.

Please note, they cannot be used on their own.


Oculus allows users to present their custom kitchen and bathroom designs using virtual reality. Our high definition 3D renderings give customers a lifelike experience, and you can make changes to styles and finishes directly in VR! 


Create closets better, easier, and faster with ProCloset. The ideal design tool integrated with pre-programmed closet models. ProKitchen offers a closet catalog, or you can discover manufacturer catalogs with closet items. 


The countertop design tool from screen to machine. Create countertop sheets just the way you want and send them to your countertop fabricator with all the dimensions, edge profiles, and backsplashes included.  


Text or email fully functional 3D views to your clients - they'll love sharing with everyone! Send designs complete with dynamic lighting & shadows. Don't delay, get 3D innovation right at your fingertips with ProKitchen and 3D-GO. 


Bathroom rendered in ProKitchen Software

Guaranteed to impress every client.



Get advanced online training.


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ProKitchen delivers high-quality and strikingly realistic renderings that will inspire you and your customers. With an inclusive collection of hundreds of manufacturer catalogs and custom furniture, appliance and accessory catalogs, ProKitchen allows for imaginative and exhilarating design. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, ProKitchen provides the kitchen and bath industry with state-of-the-art design software through Java™.

Maximize Efficiency

ProKitchen software tackles common industry efficiency issues allowing designers, manufacturers, and retailers to effortlessly close the deal on every project.

Time Saving Integrations

We understand that time is a money. ProKitchen software provides integrations and process automation solutions that keep your data synchronized, secure & up to date.  

Interactive Development

We love feedback! Our approach to software development pairs your observations with our experts, allowing you to help mold the future of your new design software. 

Rewarding Support

We’re here when you need us. Working with you to understand and diagnose issues. Plus, all our customer service representatives are located in the United States. 


There are lots of ways to learn more about our software, get involved with updates, and meet creative, like-minded people!

National Kitchen & Bath Association

Meet up with us at NKBA events around the United States to network and demonstrate some of our revolutionary products like ProKitchen Oculus. Meet us and learn more about our software.


Facebook Connect

Join the Facebook group created for paid customers to help each other succeed with ProKitchen software. Share tips, tricks, help each other resolve issues, and share your designs.

Online Training Sessions

Hands-on, extensive training in an online classroom setting, including a copy of the complete ProKitchen Training Book. Learn how to be a PKO expert and have fun along the way!

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