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The only kitchen & bath design software program in the industry that is compatible with both Mac and PC operating systems. Discover the remarkable cloud technology that’s reshaping the way designers do business.

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Start practicing for the real world with software that the professionals are already utilizing. ProKitchen Online Student Edition will help you develop design practices and perfect your workflow before you graduate. Discover why so many kitchen and bath professionals choose ProKitchen as their top design software. 

  • Design anywhere on any computer, at anytime
  • AutoSave and AutoBackup to the cloud
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Features You’ll Love

Super-Smart Software
Cloud technology for effortless collaboration
Our cutting-edge software uses cloud technology to produce unique features that drastically reduce design time and deliver efficient workflows.

  -   Daily automatic software & catalog updates
  -   Access your designs from any computer, anywhere.
  -   Manage all designer accounts online
  -   Track project design times with the cloud admin tool
Super-Smart Software
Experience 500+ Catalogs
Design with real products from real manufacturers
We have a remarkable collection of authentically represented manufacturer catalogs with precise pricing. This will allow you to create design projects with actual products produced by manufacturers so you can familiarize yourself with their products and prices before you enter the professional industry.
Experience 500+ Catalogs
Engineered to Showcase
Make work easier with a flexible template designer
Develop time and cost efficient showcase abilities with our groundbreaking Dynamic Design Showcase. Display floor plans, perimeters, elevations, cabinet specifications, and room sections dynamically with just the click of a button. Any changes made to your design after creating a template will dynamically change in the template - so you don’t have to re-do the entire showcase when your professor changes details.
Engineered to Showcase
Unheard-of Features
Skylights, Cathedral Walls, Radius Walls & More!
Our powerful java-ran software gives you the freedom to design at the speed of your imagination. Unique drafting features like skylights, flexible cathedral ceilings, radius walls and rotating floor images leads to endless possibilities of what you can create. Envision your next design and conquer it with the easiest, most flexible & efficient software in the industry.
Unheard-of Features

Ray Trace HD Rendering

ProKitchen renderings are generated by ray tracing – a 3D rendering technique for graphics with very complex light interactions. This means you can create interiors full of mirrors, transparent surfaces, and shadows – with stunning results. Ray tracing algorithms simulate light realistically as it bounces between different objects, calculating the exact color of each pixel based on its material properties and the amount of light it is receiving. Learn more about ray tracing

  • Soft Shadows
  • Realistic Reflective Surfaces
  • Sunlight Auto Positioning
  • Refined 3D Models

Key Features

  • HD 360° panoramas
  • Photorealistic 3D images
  • Lighting wizard
  • Window shades & blinds wizard
  • Door & window frame wizard
  • Internet key access
  • Auto-Update catalogs
  • Sherwin Williams catalog
  • Appliance catalogs
  • Sharp no-color renders
  • Quick reports
  • Free shape wall cuts
  • Pricing systems integration: Quick Books & more
  • Automatically stacked moldings
  • Sketch tool
  • SketchUp 3D models
  • Collaborate on projects through the cloud
  • No hardware keys, downloads or installation required
  • Instant catalog technology
  • Run multiple session of ProKitchen Online simultaneously
  • Track project design times with the cloud admin tool
  • AutoSave and AutoBackup to the cloud
  • Manage designer accounts & licenses online
  • Save, open, edit, and share designs from the cloud
  • Store all designs & customer information in one database
  • Online catalog problem report system
  • Comes with a complimentary version of ProKitchen Standard for offline use.
  • Multi-Quote & combined reports
  • EZ-Link electronic orders
  • Catalog fixes within 24 hours

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