CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.31 • June 3, 2024

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Renamed catalog to WDL24-06

Added new specifications 2024_Woodland_Spec_book_Final_3-12-24.pdf

Delete Door Styles: FA Prescott, FA Princeton, FA Winfield and FA Winfield Plus, IN Creekside, IN Heritage

Added new Door Styles: FO Paxton, FO Paxton Plus, SO Paxton, SO Paxton Plus, Rustic FO Paxton Plus, Rustic SO Paxton Plus, IN Paxton, IN Paxton Plus, IN PlusLine

Removed QS White Oak from Door Styles: FO Easton, FO Hill, FO Mission, FO WoodLine, IN Easton, IN Hill, IN WoodLine; Removed Walnut from Door Styles: FO WoodLine, IN WoodLine

Changed Upcharge for FO PlusLine in Walnut from 5% to 10%

Removed finishes from the catalog - Toast, Dune, Espresso, Heather, Sable, Cinnamon, Olive

Added new Finishes: Cafe, Chai, Java, Midnight, Cotton, Frost, Haven, Inland, Pacific, Truffle

Corrected dependency according to specification p.42-47

Added images for Distressing Options

Updated prices to modifications

Added new modifications: FBF, VBFH, CQ, OPTIONAL FINISH CHANGE TO BAND, WDEK1266, WDEK1566, WDEK1251TRW15, WDEK1251TRW18, WDEK1551TRW15, WDEK1551TRW18, WIPE1266, WIPE1566, WIPEWST1251W15, WIPEWST1251W18, WIPEWST1551W15, WIPEWST1551W18, CSEUW, SPLITDR, PINNED, Packaging Cost, Drilling Hardware

Changed Price for COMBODF (Drawer Front Option)

Added new Products

Added Projects for ProKitchen:

Techniques - Distressing and Sanding Effects

Middle Rail - in Modifications (SPLITDR)

Automatic Molding Placement on Hoods

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