St. Martin 2024

CATALOG UPDATE • VERSION 11.5.1 • June 3, 2024

Winter Wheat

Washed Walnut

Sage Green

Onyx Cherry

Misty Gray

Cherry Cognac

Cherry Black Walnut

Anew Gray

Recently Added


Renamed the catalog to St. Martin 2024

Added new products: ALPC____, ALTWC____-A, ALTWC____-B, THDB_____-3D, PDT____, P____, PDD____, PSD____, WOC__33, WOC__39, WOC__48, WOC__54, WOC__60, WDC__33, WDC__39, WDC__48, WDC__54, WDC__60, W42__, W__33, W__39, W__48, W__54, W__60, PC______FH_-A, PC______FH_-B, WCOR__33, WCOR__39, WCOR__48, WCOR__54, WCOR__60, WBC__33, WBC__39, WECA__33, WECA__39, WECA__48, WECA__54, WECA__60, WTH____, WLUBF____, WLUBF____-B, MWEP__, MTEP__, CONNECTION REFERENCE, LED-IO, LED-WBPNL, WF-LD60U-12VS, TEP 97 1/2, TEP 103 1/2, TEP26102, TEP26108, W1D______, SB48, SB48TT, BP___, ASH____W, CHA____W, BT__FH, B__ SHELF, WEP12, WEP15, WEP18, WEP24, WEP33, WEP39, W__ SHELF, FVA____, FVDB____-2D, DB33-5, DB42-5, F3102, F3108, DB__-2-1, DB42-3, SBF42, SBF48, B48-2D, B42-2D, FVDB____-1D, WSPB-5P, WSPB-1P, WSPA-1P, WSPA-5P, WSF3__, B48FH, B42FH, OVS30108, OVS30102, ROTD____, CD____, KB, DO-_, RPN, INV, PROTD__, ____PAINT, KMC48, FPO.

Updated pricing

Corrected graphics: W2D_____

Added new modifications: PG__, MGD__, DMGD__, GDS, GWFS, WS, _DH, _DW, CHD, PW, NWLI, OH, TL, NWLI, TBL, DBK__

Deleted some collections: Standard Collections, Luxury Collection and Classic Collection

Deleted some finishes: Weathered Cherry, Washed Desert Grey, Alder Cognac, Antique Black, Cherry Golden Honey, Ginger Cherry, Gunsmoke, Gray Stone, Cherry Chestnut

Added new finishes: Anew Gray, Iron Ore, Pewter Green, Repose Gray, Sage Green, Onyx Cherry, Washed Walnut, Custom Paint Color

Added new door Montauk

Deleted door style Hampton.

Deleted global option Door Hardware, Drawer Hardware

Deleted global option Glass Doors, Glass Style

Deleted some products: OKL____

Added New Projects for ProKitchen Version 11.0.5:

Changing Drawer Height in Products: VKD____, DB__-3, DB__-2-1

Project "Glossiness" and modification FRONT_FINISH

Drawer Front Bin - in Products, Accessories SB__TT, SFA__TT

Vertical Lift Hinges: WDAGTHL____,WAGTHL____

Stay Lift Hinges: WTH____

Advanced graphics technology - Size 512x512 pixels for textures finishes

Folded Hinges: WLUBF____, WLUBF____-B

Add cutout for drawer box - in Products: FVDB____-1D

Relink All Blind Cabinets with New Shape

Models Changing Finish for Model Parts

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