ProKitchen Showroom

Included with ProKitchen

View your ProKitchen designs like you’re in a showroom. Give your customers multiple options to choose from in a digital showroom layout; they’ll have the freedom to change countertop, wall, floor and ceiling styles without overriding your original design measurements. The perfect alternative to a real showroom to help you get started.

Customer Choices

ProKitchen Showroom allows you to share your design with your customers and offer them choices such as door styles, paint colors, floor types, countertops and more!

Included with ProKitchen

No extra charge for this product add-on! ProCountertop is automatically included when you purchase ProKitchen Standard, ProKitchen Online, or ProKitchen Student. 

Get Showroom

Fill out the form below to learn more about how you can benefit from this product included with ProKitchen Software and get started with a free trial. Give your customers some freedom when designing their interiors. Allow them to choose styles and change it right in showroom without overriding your original design measurements.

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