ProKitchen 10.0.6 Now Available

ProKitchen version 10.0.6 brings designers even more improved features that will continue to enhance their workflow and impress the clients.

Here’s a list of what’s new in ProKitchen v10.0.6

•  3D-GO – A New Technology, First in the Industry. Text or email your fully rotational 3D view including all effects, shadows and lights, to the smart phones of your customers.

•  New Plumbing Catalog. New Floor and Wallcovering Collections.

•  Integration with InnoDraw, Measuring Software running on iPad/SmartPhones.

•  3D-Edge – Showing glazing on moldings and beaded doors and panels.

•  Auto measurements to center lines.

•  New Global Options Selection Interface


Improved Farm Sinks positioning

Improved Drawer Side and Under Mount selection and visualization

Improved Hide/Unhide of the Dimension Lines

Zoom-in around mouse pointer

QuickBooks Reports and Integration Improvements

Quick Reports with 3D Edge Images

3D-Edge Lighting Glow Improvements

Improved File Screen in the Standard Interface

Improved adding multiple 3D images in Combined Report

Improved Save Image in 3D-Edge

Positioning blind cabinets with the offset from a wall

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