ProKitchen 10.0.3 now Available

ProKitchen Software releases ground-breaking feature updates in v10.0.3 such as 360° Panorama now with 3D-Edge Technology that renders in seconds, brand new hidden pulls and more!

ProKitchen version 10.0.3 brings designers improved features that will continue to enhance their workflow. Here’s a list of what’s new in ProKitchen v10.0.3

1.  New Panorama 360 based on 3D-Edge Technology: Two clicks and less than 1 minute for your customer to see it in 360 degrees on the phone.
2. Hidden Pulls added to knobs and pulls catalog. New and popular in K&B industry this year.
3. Updated Knobs and Pulls Catalog.
4. 3D-Edge keeps window size and position after user resizes. (In Default Settings/Appearance/Dialog Settings Keep Dialog Position)
5. Improved Farm Sink positioning functionality.
6. Added Support Button to default tools in ribbon toolbar.
Watch the video tutorials below to learn more.

Updated 360 Panorama: New in 10.0.3

Hidden Pulls: New in 10.0.3

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