Export to Quickbooks Desktop
QuickBooks Desktop Integration Video Tutorial – 3min Learn how to stay organized and keep important information easily accessible directly through ProKitchen with QuickBooks.https://youtu.be/zCBNC4hR1aM Back To Video Library quickbooks,
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Rotating a Cabinet
Rotate an Object Feature Video Tutorial – 1min How-to tutorial about rotating objects anywhere in your design – for all your dynamic project needs.https://youtu.be/L1kxBcfy0Nk Back
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Moving a Cabinet
Moving an Object Video Tutorial – 2min Learn how to move an object anywhere in the design with ease. Back To Video Library move, objects,
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Dragging a Cabinet
Dragging an Object Video Tutorial – 2min Learn how to easily drag an object to any place in the design.https://youtu.be/lakbR_BKrEM Back To Video Library drag,
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Skylight Windows
Adding Skylights Video Tutorial – 5min A step-by-step to easily add skylights to cathedral ceilings – a stunning detail that will be a game changer.https://youtu.be/htUiUxugMIk
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Elevation Tool
Elevation Tool Video Tutorial – 2.5min Step-by-step instructions on using the elevation views to your best advantage. Back To Video Library elevations, views, walls, image
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