New Release – ProKitchen-Oculus 1.2

Only with ProKitchen-Oculus can you change cabinet door styles and finishes, flooring, countertops, wall color and more, right in your virtual reality glasses!

Want to know what a darker cabinet finish, light wall paint, or a different quartz countertop would look like while viewing the 3D model environment of your custom design? With the new ProKitchen-Oculus version, you can change it and review it immediately, all without taking off your virtual reality glasses!

ProKitchen-Oculus immerses you into your design.

What can you experience with ProKitchen-Oculus?

  • – Export and open your ProKitchen-Oculus file in a matter of minutes, there’s no wait time
  • – Experience your complete design in full 3D virtual reality
  • – Make changes to your design while in virtual reality:
  • Change cabinet door styles & finishes, with access to the design’s cabinet catalog
  • Change flooring, with access to the entire catalog of available flooring
  • Change countertops, with access to the entire catalog of available countertops
  • Change wall color, with access to the entire catalog of available wall colors and coverings
  • – Walk through your design, you’ll feel like you’re actually there
  • – View a new perspective of your design with every step you take
  • – You’ll be immersed into your design, and truly feel the sense of space lacking in 3D renders or 360° panorama views
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