Introducing ProKitchen-Oculus

With ProKitchen-Oculus you can actually walk through your designs. You’ll feel like you’re really there!

ProKitchen-Oculus is a virtual reality software solution that gives you complete access to an entirely new way to present your custom designs. With the Oculus Rift system, the next-generation of virtual reality, you will see your custom designs like never before.

What can you experience with ProKitchen-Oculus?

  • – Export and open your ProKitchen-Oculus file in a matter of minutes, there’s no wait time
  • – Experience your complete design in full 3D virtual reality
  • – Walk through your design, you’ll feel like you’re actually there
  • – View a new perspective of your design with every step you take
  • – You’ll be immersed into your design, and truly feel the sense of space lacking in 3D renders or 360° panorama views

Keep up with the K&B industry and get ready to experience immersive design!

Kitchen & bath design professionals deserve the very best tools to present their custom designs. With ProKitchen Software, you have the design tools you need to give your customers high-definition 3D renderings and 360° panoramic visuals of their space.

ProKitchen-Oculus expands on this visual experience. Using Oculus Rift, ProKitchen-Oculus gives you a brand new tool to present your custom designs: fully immersive virtual reality.

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