Catalog Updates & Releases – October 2016

ProKitchen Catalog Updates Released in October 2016!

Listed below are the recent updates and releases for manufacturer, custom, and generic catalogs for ProKitchen Standard and ProKitchen Online. For more details on manufacturer catalogs, please visit our catalog downloads section.
Founded in 1998, Acorn Valley Custom Cabinetry manufactures all kitchen and bath cabinetry per custom order. Acorn Valley cabinets are built in Thayer, Kansas, and distribute through a dealer base throughout the United States.
Acorn Valley Custom Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.1.8 – released 10/17/16:
  • – Fixed special effects pricing
  • – Fixed glaze pricing
Learn more about Acorn Valley Custom Cabinetry.
Bridgewood Custom Cabinetry production began in 1990, under HiLo Industries, the parent company. With state-of-the-art equipment and old world craftsmanship, Bridgewood offers high quality durable products. Bridgewood cabinets are built in Chanute, Kansas.
American Value
Catalog Update 8.3.4 – released 10/27/16:
  • – Added new doors: Colgate, Columbia, Fairmont
  • – Added new finishes: Candlelight, Coffee, Smoke Gray
Learn more about Bridgewood.
In the past 25 years, Cabico has grown to be one of North America’s leading manufacturers of high-end custom cabinetry. With a selection of series, customers have the option for fully customized or selected styles of cabinetry. Cabico cabinets are built in Coaticook Quebec, Canada.
Cabico Unique Frameless
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/13/16:
  • – Added new door and drawer front style P70 and 1P70
  • – Added textured laminate wood species
  • – Added new finishes: Impressions Collection
  • – Updated product offering
Learn more about Cabico.
Since 1981, Canyon Creek has been a recognized leader in the kitchen and bath industry manufacturing affordable, quality cabinetry with an emphasis on corporate and environmental responsibility. Canyon Creek cabinets are built in Monroe, Wisconsin.
Canyon Creek Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/24/16:
  • – Added Framed/Frameless overlay corrections
Learn more about Canyon Creek Cabinetry.
With over 25 years of experience, Choice Cabinet is a premier supplier of all wood cabinets with custom features at substantial savings. Offering more than 150 sizes and with over 50,000 cabinets on hand, Choice Cabinet provides immediate availability to meet even the shortest of lead times. Choice Cabinet cabinets are built in Cleveland, Ohio.
Choice Cabinet
Catalog Release 8.3.2 – released 10/04/16:
  • New Catalog!
Learn more about Choice Cabinet.
Founded in 1977, Decor Cabinets provides a superior product–with quality materials and excellent equipment–to customers throughout Canada and the United States. Decor Cabinets operates two production facilities and a showroom in Morden Manitoba, Canada.
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/27/16:
  • – Added new products
  • – Added new modifications
  • – Updated pricing
Learn more about Decor Cabinets.
Echelon Cabinetry, developed during the ACPI conversion of Armstrong Cabinets, provides cabinetry directly developed for home builders, dealers and remodelers. Echelon Cabinetry offers a better overall cabinet experience. Headquartered in The Colony, Texas, with manufacturing operations in Thompsontown, Pennsylvania.
Echelon Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.3.6 – released 10/04/16:
  • – Bug fixes
Learn more about Echelon Cabinetry.
Founded in 2002, EuroCraft Cabinets provides the highest quality product along with exceptional customer satisfaction. Family owned and operated, EuroCraft is committed to customer service and support to make every aspect of each order exceed your expectation. EuroCraft cabinets are built in Boca Raton, Florida.
Eurocraft Cabinets
Catalog Update 8.2.14 – released 10/10/16:
  • – Corrected tall pantry elevation shape
  • – Corrected loose door panel shape
Learn more about EuroCraft Cabinets.
Executive Cabinetry, developed in 2010 with the acquisition of Executive Kitchens, is an industry leader in semi-custom and custom cabinetry. As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Executive Cabinetry ensures that components are constructed, on-site, from raw material through to the final product. Executive Cabinetry cabinets are built in Simpsonville, South Carolina.
Executive Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/13/16:
  • – Removed Red Birch Shaker 3″ and 4″ door options
Learn more about Executive Cabinetry.
Founded in 1972, Fashion Cabinet has grown into one of the largest residential and commercial cabinet suppliers in the Intermountain West. With a state of the art facility and the very best materials, Fashion Cabinet offers more sizes, options, and custom selections. Fashion Cabinet cabinets are built in West Jordan, Utah.
Fashion Cabinet
Catalog Update 8.3.3 – released 10/13/16:
  • – Added new products
  • – Removed deleted products
  • – Updated spec book
  • – Added Framed/Frameless overlay corrections
  • – Added 3D toe kick
Learn more about Fashion Cabinet.
Founded in 1963, Kabinart provides exceptional quality through local, independently owned businesses, avoiding national home centers. With a variety of styles, Kabinart provides a high quality product using all wood construction, specialty finishes, and convenience features. Kabinart cabinets are built in Nashville, Tennessee.
Catalog Update 8.3.5 – released 10/13/16:
  • – Added Arts & Crafts, Mission, Hampton, and Sherwood doors as an option in MDF (5% discount on any MDF in the four listed door styles)
  • – Added Jefferson Maple and Cherry
Kabinart Quick Ship
Catalog Update 8.3.2 – released 10/13/16:
  • – Added Arts & Crafts, Mission, Hampton, and Sherwood doors as an option in MDF (5% discount on any MDF in the four listed door styles)
Learn more about Kabinart.
For over 50 years, Karman has become the cabinet supplier of choice for their dealer network. Each cabinet is built using the finest materials with custom capabilities that allow for customization at not so custom prices. Karman cabinets are built in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Affinity by Karman
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/27/16:
  • – Added new finishes
  • – Removed old finishes
  • – Updated finish premiums
  • – Updated door price groups
  • – Added new DLV doors and colors
  • – Updated wood species premiums
Preferred by Karman
Catalog Update 8.3.2 – released 10/27/16:
  • – Updated finish offering
  • – Updated pricing
  • – Updated modifications
  • – Updated hoods
  • – Added tall fillers vertically as moldings
Learn more about Karman.
Founded in 1998, Kith Kitchens supplies quality cabinetry by combining design, style, quality and craftsmanship. Built with a passionate pursuit of excellence and pride, Kith Kitchens provides custom look cobinetry without the custom price or lengthy lead times. Kith Kitchens cabinets are built in Haleyville, Alabama.
Catalog Update 8.3.4 – released 10/11/16:
  • – Added plywood finished ends, left, right and both
Kith Kitchens
Catalog Update 8.3.5 – released 10/11/16:
  • – Added matching finished ends, left, right and both to modifications
Learn more about Kith Kitchens.
Founded in 1989, Koch & Co. offers unrivaled selection, service, and value as well as high volume production capable of meeting demanding distributor orders. A dedication to excellence in craftsmanship, quality and customer service has made them a leader in the industry. Koch & Co. cabinets are built in Seneca, Kansas.
Catalog Update 8.3.23 – released 10/13/16:
  • – Updated EZ Link files for online orders
Learn more about Koch Cabinets.
With over 40 years of experience, KraftMaid has become one of the largest and most recognized brands of quality, customized cabinetry for the home. Kraftmaid offers the best of both worlds, a custom look with the widest selection of styles without the custom price or lengthy lead times.
KraftMaid Particle Board
Catalog Update 8.3.0 – released 10/25/16:
  • – Framed/Frameless overlay correction
  • – Tall fillers 3″ and 6″ width horizontal in top moldings
Learn more about KraftMaid.
Legacy Crafted Cabinets produces a superior array of cabinets, ranging from semi-custom to custom. With a long tradition of craftsmanship associated with the Central Susquehanna Valley, Legacy Crafted cabinets combine old world craftsmanship with the best in modern technology. Legacy Crafted cabinets are built in Central Pennsylvania.
Legacy Crafted Cabinets
Catalog Release 8.3.4 – released 10/03/16:
  • New Catalog!
Learn more about Legacy Crafted.
Family owned since 1920, Mastercraft by Elkay offers a nearly limitless array of styles, wood finishes and customizable cabinetry to create built-in furniture for the kitchen, bath, and other living spaces throughout the home. Elkay has a long-standing history of manufacturing innovative products and delivering excellent, domestic customer service. Mastercraft cabinets are built in Waconia, Minnesota.
Mastercraft Cabinets
Catalog Update 8.3.2 – released 10/13/16:
  • – Updated products and modifications
  • – Updated pricing
  • – Updated the spec book
  • – Added new finishes
  • – Added the order form
  • – Added tall fillers on the horizontal to moldings
  • – Added new door styles
Learn more about Mastercraft Cabinets.
Providing quality cabinetry since 1946, Merillat has grown to become one of the nation’s largest cabinet manufacturers. Merillat offers the best selection of stylish, quality products at a variety of price levels. Merillat is based in Michigan, and part of Masco Cabinetry.
Merillat Basics
Catalog Update 8.3.3 – released 10/03/16:
  • – Added new door style: McDurmon
  • – Added new finishes
  • – Added new spec book
  • – Added new products
  • – Updated pricing
  • – Deleted some discontinued SKUs
  • – Renamed to Merillat Basics 2017
Learn more about Merillat.
With over 30 years of experience, Omega provides quality cabinetry by continuing to use hand-selected woods, top of the line hardware and hand-applied techniques to create custom looks. As part of the MasterBrand Cabinets family, Omega embraces new ideas to create the look you desire, while holding true to the skill and craftsmanship that sets their cabinetry apart.
Omega Dynasty Series – Frame and Inset
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/11/16:
  • – Added Framed/Frameless overlay corrections
Omega Pinnacle Series
Catalog Update 8.3.0 – released 10/11/16:
  • – Added Framed/Frameless overlay corrections
Signature-Omega Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/11/16:
  • – Added Framed/Frameless overlay corrections
Learn more about Omega Cabinetry.
Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI, ProKitchen provides the kitchen and bath industry with state-of-the-art design software. With a comprehensive collection of hundreds of manufacturer catalogs and custom furniture, appliance and accessory catalogs, ProKitchen allows for imaginative and exhilarating design.
Sample Imperial Catalog
Catalog Update 8.3.11 – released 10/17/16:
  • – Add new finishes: Sherwin-Williams paints
  • – Fixed glass door and mullion door modifications quantities
Sample Metric Catalog
Catalog Update 8.3.5 – released 10/17/16:
  • – Add new finishes: Sherwin-Williams paints
  • – Fixed glass door and mullion door modifications quantities
Quality Cabinets offers several depths of wall, base and vanity cabinets – all in a wide variety of sizes, wood species, door styles and color combinations at an incredible value for the money. With optional upgrades and decorative accessories, Quality Cabinets can be “customized” to achieve both beauty and function. Quality Cabinetry is part of Masco Cabinetry.
Quality Woodstar Cabinets
Catalog Update 8.3.3 – released 10/07/16:
  • – Added new product available 03/06/16
  • – General bug fixes
Learn more about Quality Cabinets.
Founded in 1973, Siteline Cabinetry has provided made-to-order, quality cabinetry. With no storage facilities or warehouses full of pre-fabricated products, Siteline Cabinetry meets all standards and exceeds all expectations. Siteline Cabinetry, manufactured under the Corsi Group name, operates out of Indianapolis, Indiana, with facilities in Elkins, West Virginia, and Keysville, Virginia.
Catalog Update 8.3.4 – released 10/18/16:
  • – Corrected glass door and mullion door count for double door cabinets
Learn more about Siteline.
Founded in 1999, Showplace is an employee-owned company, offering a unique combination of design flexibility, product quality, expressive creative options and honest real-world value. With state of the art facilities, Showplace cabinets are fresh and current. Showplace cabinets are built in Harrisburg, South Dakota, and another facility in South Dakota.
Showplace EVO
Catalog Update 8.3.25 – released 10/21/16:
  • – Added new spec book EVO PAGES 9-7-16
  • – Added new finishes
  • – Added paints to Red Oak
Showplace Wood Products
Catalog Update 8.3.24 – released 10/21/16:
  • – Added new door styles: Milan Inset, Pierce 275 Inset, Pierce SP 275 Inset, Sterling 275 Inset, Sterling SP 275 Inset
  • – Added new finishes: Billowy Breeze, Hale Navy, Naval, Urbane Bronze
  • – Added solid paint finish for Red Oak
  • – Tall fillers 3″ and 6″ width (96″ height) shown horizontally in top moldings
Learn more about Showplace.
Established in 1989, Signature Custom Cabinetry provides quality cabinetry with an emphasis on strong values, integrity and innovation. With a variety of cabinetry styles and finishes, Signature Custom consistently delivers on their brand promise. Signature Custom Cabinetry cabinets are built in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.
Signature Custom
Catalog Update 8.3.0 – released 10/11/16:
  • – Added Framed/Frameless overlay corrections
Learn more about Signature Custom.
Founded in 2008, SOLLiD Cabinetry provides dealers and their customers with high quality, low cost cabinets without an extensive lead time. SOLLiD Cabinetry offers quality construction cabinetry with all wood products of the highest quality and an array of beautiful styles and finishes. SOLLiD Cabinetry cabinets are built in Tempe, Arizona.
Sollid Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.3.1 – released 10/05/16:
  • – Completed EZ Link integration for online ordering
Catalog Update 8.3.9 – released 10/24/16:
  • – Added tall fillers horizontally to use as crown and light rail
Learn more about SOLLiD Cabinetry.
Founded in 2011, St. Martin Cabinetry offers high quality and exceptional design at very affordable prices. Featuring all wood cabinet case designed with all plywood construction, solid wood dovetailed drawers with soft closing hardware, St. Martin provides beautiful cabinetry with furniture grade painted and stained finishes and a wide variety of features. St. Martin Cabinetry cabinets are built in Cressona, Pennsylvania.
St Martin Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.3.0 – released 10/27/16:
  • – Added new door styles
  • – Added new edges for all door styles
  • – Added new prices
  • – Added new products and modifications
  • – Added new spec
  • – Added Frameless overlay corrections
  • – Added new order form
Learn more about St. Martin Cabinetry.
Tru Cabinetry offers a cabinetry line built around fresh styling, a range of choices, quality workmanship and materials, all with he best value. Tru Cabinetry employs the most modern manufacturing processes available, and uses the same joinery and quality standards that have been around for centuries. Tru Cabinetry cabinets are built in Ashland, Alabama.
Tru Cabinetry
Catalog Update 8.3.18 – released 10/24/16:
  • – Corrected corner base cabinets
Learn more about Tru Cabinetry.
Since 1961, Wellborn provides a kitchen and bath product line that has broadened to include cabinetry and storage solutions to help maximize total home living space. Wellborn’s facility controls quality from the timber that arrives at the sawmill to the finished cabinet. Wellborn cabinets are built in Ashland, Alabama.
Wellborn Distinctive Storage Solutions
Catalog Update 8.3.3 – released 10/28/16:
  • – Add new finishes: Sherwin-Williams paints
Learn more about Wellborn.



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